TD Home & Garden Solutions provides quality handyman services in Scotts Valley, Felton, Ben Lomond and Santa Cruz.

Whether you are a homeowner, investor, Realtor or property manager, you know the overwhelming feeling of falling behind on the basic maintenance every home requires. If you are interested in dealing with issues before they occur, consider a Preventative Maintenance agreement. With a PMA, I commit to inspecting and maintaining a property on a regular basis; saving customers time, money and stress.

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Realtor Services:

Home Inspections

Home Staging Support

Home and Garden Maintenance During Listing


Green Services:

Solar Panel Cleaning

Homesteading (vegetable gardens, chicken, goat and pig enclosures)

LED Lighting

Rainwater Catchment

Greywater Recycling

Low Flow Water Fixtures

Leak Repair

Drip Irrigation Installations

Garden Bed Construction

White Roof Coating

Services I Provide

Preventative Maintenance

Punch Lists (Honey Dos)


Moulding - Baseboards, Crown, Door and Window Trim

Gate Installation

Gate and Fence Repair

Deck Repairs & Re-finishing

Chicken Coups, Catios, Dog Houses and Mailboxes

Door Repair

Shiplap Wall Installation

Art and Television Mounting

Light Fixture Installation and Replacement

Ceiling Fan Installation and Replacement

Window Treatments

Home Childproofing

Furniture Assembly


Holiday Light Installation

Plumbing Fixture Installation

Pool and Spa Equipment