Gate Installation in Santa Cruz

Simple, redwood double-gate with pergola by Tyson Durm, TD Home & Garden Solutions

Are you looking to have a new gate installed? If so, you've found the right place. I've installed, repaired and replaced dozens of gates in and around Santa Cruz and I'm here to make things easy for you.

In this article, I'm going to share what to consider when building a new gate. If you're ready to go ahead and have one built for you, and would like an expert consultation, give me a call today at (831) 471-7875.

How Much Does a New Gate Cost In Santa Cruz?

A simple, 40-inch tall redwood gate for a 36-inch wide opening in the Santa Cruz area will start at about $500. Prices go up from there for larger, more complex gates. For a basic 6-foot tall redwood gate, expect to spend about $750. Setting a generous budget for the project is important. There are ways to cut costs on a gate, but the upfront savings are minor and repairs down the road will usually eat up the initial savings. Don’t forget that you will be seeing and using the gate regularly so it should be well built and nice to look at.

Other Important Considerations

There are several important things to keep in mind after cost when planning to install or replace a gate. Function (incl. location & swing), design and material should all be considered prior to getting estimates. 


The most important thing to think about is the function of the gate. What is it you are trying to keep in or out and how will the final height of your gate help solve this problem? Is it possible to gain more usable space on one side of the gate by pushing it in or out a few feet? And which direction should a gate swing? A gate that separates your parking space from your entry door should swing in to make it easier to enter when your hands are full. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, consider pool and spa safety requirements. It’s best to have an out-swinging gate with a latch high enough that a small child could not easily open if that gate provides access to your pool.


A redwood-framed hogwire fence and gate I built recently in Felton . . . This was the final touch to enclose an awesome yard and deck for one cool little dog!

A redwood-framed hogwire fence and gate I built recently in Felton . . . This was the final touch to enclose an awesome yard and deck for one cool little dog!

There are hundreds of different gate designs available ranging from simple, function-minded options to bold, ornate gates that make a clear statement and highlight a home's architecture. A simple search online will reveal more options than you could ever consider but it’s helpful to find a few to share when getting an estimate. 

There’s nothing more annoying than an improperly installed gate sagging making it hard to open and close properly. If it’s not easy to use it may as well be a fence! I use proven techniques and quality hardware when repairing, building and installing gates so they keep their square over time and will not sag and become difficult to operate. 

What's The Best Gate Material

Most fences and gates are made of cedar or redwood although steel and wrought iron gates are also common. For most of us, a redwood gate is the best option. It’s fantastic building material that checks all the important boxes. Redwood is cheap, easy to work with, beautiful, rot and insect resistant and we’re lucky enough to live where it’s readily available and often sustainably produced!

I present several gate latch options to customers. There are many styles to choose from of costs vary but it's an important consideration especially when security is a priority. The locking gate latches available today are outstanding additions to improve peace of mind.

Seems like a lot to think about for a simple gate, right? Well, if a gate is installed poorly or without considering all these aspects, the life of the gate could be reduced significantly. Having a high-quality gate installed to fit your needs will save you a lot of time and money down the road and will make your life a little easier.

If you’d like help deciding on a design for your gate, give me a call at (831) 471-7875 or click below to request a free estimate online. I’d be happy to help install your new gate in Santa Cruz!