Christmas Light Installation in Santa Cruz

Do You Live in Santa Cruz and Need Help With Christmas Light Installation?

If you’re in need of professional holiday light installation in Santa Cruz you’ve come to the right place. If you’re ready to schedule installation email me at or call/text me at (831) 471-7875. My schedule fills up fast so call soon!

I have been installing Christmas lights for the past ten years and can install and remove the lights of your choice safely, efficiently, affordably and without damaging your home. I’ll also store the lights for the rest of the year!

Should I Install LED or Incandescent Christmas Lights?

Simple . . . LED. Need convincing? There are some huge advantages to going with LED holiday lights on your house. They use about 80% less electricity than incandescent and they don’t produce heat like incandescent lights; making them much safer and easier to work with. Until recently LEDs were significantly more expensive than incandescents but LEDs cost only about 5 - 10% more nowadays.

I was hesitant to make the switch to LED holiday lights on my home because I didn’t like the way they looked. While I have been using LED bulbs throughout my home for some time, I’ve kept my old incandescent holiday lights because the warm yellow hue is such a nice look compared to the earlier generations of blue-ish LED holiday lights. They just didn’t look like Christmas to me. I  got rid of my old incandescents last year when I found nice, warm LED Christmas lights at an affordable price. Now I have the look I want and I’m saving quite a bit of money on my PG&E bill! More than enough to offset the slightly higher price of the lights.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Christmas Lights Installed?

I charge $485 plus materials for installation, removal and storage for most average homes. Some large or very elaborately decorated homes are more expensive. Please Request An Estimate or call/text me at (831) 471-7875.

I Won’t Damage Your Home

My light installation will not damage your home. I don’t put nails, staples or hooks into your rafters, eaves or siding. I install holiday lights using plastic gutter clips which do not damage your home in any way. There’s another great advantage to using these handy little clips to install holiday lights; they help ensure perfectly spaced lights! I always place extension cords and timers safely and inconspicuously. I’m also very careful not to damage your gutters and landscaping with my ladder and will not walk on roofs that can be easily damaged.

If you live in Santa Cruz or Scotts Valley and are ready to schedule holiday light installation email me at or call/text me at (831) 471-7875. My schedule fills up fast so call soon!