Hire The Best Handyman in Santa Cruz

We’re Not All the Same

A handyman offers a unique value for a homeowner. We are able to complete a variety of projects around a home which saves customers time and money and eliminates stress. Rather than making dozens of phone calls to specialists, arranging meetings and getting multiple estimates, homeowners who are lucky enough to find a skilled, reliable handyman get to spend their valuable time on more important things. You can also save a lot of money hiring a handyman who can complete many types of projects!

I am not a licensed contractor yet I am able to charge an above-average hourly rate for my handyman services around Santa Cruz because of the unique skill-set I possess. I am a trained home inspector which allows me to identify virtually all issues around a home. More importantly I am able to predict future issues and identify ways to avoid them. I have years of experience in home maintenance and repair and an arsenal of tools to repair just about anything. Most importantly  I constantly add new skills to my repertoire. If I can’t fix it, I will either learn how or help find someone who can. I often refer my clients to less-expensive labor for projects that just don’t make sense to pay me for. I offer painting, rain gutter cleaning and hauling, for example, but I often refer these services to less expensive providers in order to save my clients money.

Before You Pick Up the Phone

Before you start making calls to find a handyman or tradesman, carefully consider the project(s) at hand. There are many projects around a home that should only be completed by a reputable, licensed contractor and I always advise clients to seek out these providers for large and/or specialized projects (ie complex plumbing, electrical, structural, roofing, anything requiring a permit and so on). Asking neighbors for referrals and reading online reviews is always a great place to start. The risk homeowners take hiring an under-qualified tradesperson far outweigh the reward of less-expensive labor. I will never accept a job I cannot complete correctly, with confidence and in a timely manner.

If you are looking for a reputable, licensed contractor call me at (831) 471-7875 or visit my Referrals Page. I’m happy to help you find the best person for the job.

Pay More to Save Money . . . Huh?

It’s only natural that we want to save our hard-earned money whenever possible. Why would anyone pay more than they had to for a product or services? Well, when it comes to skilled labor, you get what you pay for. Often when we hire an under-qualified tradesmen because they’re cheap, we pay more in the end to repair damage down the road because of their poor craftsmanship. Sometimes catastrophic effects can result from hiring the wrong person!

My advice is to ask around about a particular project, read online reviews, meet in-person before hiring someone and feel comfortable with that person before agreeing to hire them. Be sure that you’re hiring the best handyman in Santa Cruz.

Learn more about me, the services I provide and don’t forget to read about how I can save you money with a Preventative Maintenance agreement.

If you are in need of a handyman in or around Santa Cruz, give me a call at (831) 471-7875 or write to me at tyson@tdhomeandgarden.com. But before you do, read some of my reviews:




Deck Repair in Santa Cruz

A well-maintained deck provides a comfortable outdoor living space to enjoy with family and friends. It can also add curb appeal and value to your home. Redwood decks (especially in the Santa Cruz area) require ongoing maintenance to retain their natural beauty and structural integrity. It can be tempting to replace an older deck but with soaring lumber and labor costs, it often makes more sense to invest in your existing deck.